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Legislative Affairs Officers - Phone Conference Feb 22 2016


Telephone Conference with Council Vice President for Legislative Affairs Col Tom Robillard USAF Ret and the Legislative Officers for the various MOAA Chapters in South Carolina.
Please download all of the below items as they will be discussed during our phone conference.

Call in Information

Call in no later than 1100 HRS
Dial 1-712-775-7085  then enter code 650063 followed by the # key

Audio of the Phone Conference - 47 min

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We will be taking a maiden voyage  on communicating via audio  conference  to our SC MOAA Chapter members. This truly is a rather low tech but effective way of getting some good cross feed and sharing information. We may try other things in the future but right now we will keep to a cell / landline and information ahead of time for you to reference via e-mail. We have a very talented webmaster,  Richard Palmer MAJ, USA, Fmr., at the Council and he will be guiding us through the process.

Advanced Preparation - Downloads

Please print and have these available as a reference for the audio conference.

Additional Resources - Video

Go To:

Select from the list on the right:

Thursday, February 11, 2016  2:00 pm
State and Local Level Veterans Issues Study Committee - 2:11:56


STRICT adherence to the agenda time limits 11:00-11:45

11:00 - 11:07 - How to use the system by the webmaster - MAJ Richard Palmer -

11:07 - 11:15 - HR 3147  - Status Update  / Military Task Force Webpage -

11:15 - 11:35 - Use of SC State legislative webpage: / Letters to Senators / streaming legislative meetings / Video & Audio Archives -

11:35 - 11: 45 - Development Council of the Legislative Affairs Section of Webpage / Other Sections. Its your tool for communication - Feedback from Chapters
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Membership is open to active duty, National Guard, Reserve, retired, and former commissioned officers and warrant officers of the following uniformed services: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
If you qualify and would like find out more about joining please contact us.

We Are

MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential association of military officers. We are the South Carolina Council working on behalf of the twelve Chapters and their members located in our state.
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