Quarterly Council Meeting at Ft Jackson February 14

The next quarterly MOAA South Carolina Council of Chapters meeting will be conducted on 14 Feb 2015. Please arrive at 0950 and the meeting will start at 1000. The agenda for this meeting is attached. The meeting will be convened in the usual location, Columbia, SC, Fort Jackson Post Conference Room (Building Number T-4376) located adjacent to the Post Headquarters and across from the Jackson Blvd Chapel (old one) and the Ft Jackson Army Museum on Jackson Boulevard.

Presidents, please make every effort to attend this very important meeting and if possible have the Chapter Legislative Affairs Officer attend as well. Our guest will be Mr. Bill Bethea, Chairman of the Governor's South Carolina Military Bases Task Force. He and his TF members are the juggernauts behind two key pieces of military legislation before the SC Legislative body. The first is the military retiree pay state tax exemption Bill and the second the education military Bill which would consider currently serving members (and their families) of the armed forces as state residence for the purpose of attending state schools of higher education.

Fort Jackson uses the valid ID card system so the requirement for a windshield sticker is no longer an issue entering the post. But be prepared with insurance card and registration just in case. Have a safe trip and look forward to seeing all on Saturday the 14th. Drive safely!!

Best entry point onto Ft Jackson is the Forest Drive exit off I-77.

Agenda is shown below and can be downloaded from the link provided.

MOAASC Council of Chapters President

IG Investigation Report for Dorn VA Hospital in Columbia

We all have been watching television and reading in the newspaper about the problems with the VA hospital in Phoenix Arizona and other locations throughout the United States. However some of you may not be aware that there are problems with the VA medical center in Columbia South Carolina. These problems include incompetent senior management, understaffing of operating rooms, cleanliness of surgical instruments, to mention just a few.

A copy of the IG report concerning the many problems at the Dorn medical Center is
here. The IG confirmed a number of the allegations but was not able to investigate numerous allegations due to the absence of files. The bottom line after reading the IG report was that senior management at the medical clinic was not doing their job and that oversight from VA headquarters was lacking.

One of the remedies to a problem identified in the IG report was to close the operating theaters because of a non-surgical environment. As a stopgap measure temporary operating theaters were contracted for the medical center but were only approved for surgical use after the normal operating theaters were brought up to standard. This error in judgment cost the taxpayers a substantial amount of money. I was not able to ascertain the exact amount but I have been reliably informed that the amount is in excess of $1-$2 million.

If after reviewing the IG report you feel that major personnel changes are required to fix the VA in Columbia and DC, please contact your Congressman and Senators and let them know what changes you would like to see.

Kind regards,


David B. Lobb
COL (ret) USA
VP for Legislative Affairs

A Good Resource Website

Here is the latest web site that (in this case constructed by the Army) is available as a resource for military families, retirees, veterans, as well as persons, businesses, or community organizations (veterans or otherwise). Great site, user friendly just follow the tabs (links) and a wealth of information will be available to the user on the subject of their selection. Covers a wide gamut of areas and subjects.
Dale F Ellenburg
President, MOAASC Council of Chapters
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Published On - 2/10/15